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To be caring, dynamic market leader in new, innovative health products. With total commitment to alleviate suffering, we promise our total dedication in exploring new avenues of health therapy and health products, thus giving hope and joy, within a healthy lifestyle, to all of mankind.

With the world’s focus and attention shifting increasingly toward health and the continuation of life due, in part, to the rapidly expanding and ever growing pool of knowledge that has welled up over the last few decades, health consciousness has reached a pinnacle of awareness. These discoveries and advancements have helped cultivate an understanding of the tremendous exposure to health risks the human race faces.

Modern technology is used to extract natural essences from a large variety of plants, roots, organisms and other naturally rich sources containing beneficial minerals that are used in “new” herbal type medicines. This phenomenon has brought about an embracing of remedy and traditionally oriented cures into modern medicine. People are increasingly becoming aware of the detrimental, even dangerous, side effects found in traditional and conventional chemical based medicines and often opt for a more natural, less aggressive approach to personal health.

Oxygen Therapy Products was founded by Venetia Kruger in November 2000. Extensively studying, and ultimately specializing in, the potential effects herbs, plants and roots could have for the medical community, Venetia fulfilled her lifelong dream of formulating and manufacturing natural health products that are free of harmful chemicals and were found to be enormously beneficial to humanity.

Her first product, Super Slim, was launched in November 2000 and proved to be a huge medicinal as well as financial success. This epic product was followed with the next, SuperCheat, and in May 2002, Carbo-ban was launched from an already very secure platform.

With uniquely formulated and innovative products such as Super Oxygen,

Super Tan and the six fold Skinetics range designed for most skin ailments and diseases peaking just below the horizon, coupled with the total commitment to explore new avenues of the health, the company is set to take its place as a competitive and exciting market leader in the natural health market place.

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Fax: 086 608 5552 – Email: [email protected]  Skype : Super.Oxygen

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