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Tips & Tricks to use Carbo-Ban™ and SuperCheat™

1. On any weight loss program, ensure that your water intake is at least 2 liters per day as this will prevent sagging skin when there is rapid weight loss.

2. It is always best to start your weight loss program with a detox program. When not sure how to do it, speak to your Agent or phone us to assist you.

3. Carbo-Ban™ will block sugar and carbohydrates. When your meal or snack consists of a lot of carbs and sugars – use Carbo-Ban™

4. Carbo-ban™ will block sugar cravings when the substance in the capsule is put on the tongue. Open one of your capsules and use.

5. Don’t use any medication together with SuperCheat™. It is only advisable to use an hour before or after taking Supercheat™

6. Supercheat™ will block the kilojoules of any food taken with it. If a large meal is taken, then more SuperCheat™ must be taken. If a party continues over a couple of hours, then use AGAIN between party hours your SuperCheat™ or Carbo-Ban™ with enough water.

7. If you are not cheating between meals and just want to increase the metabolism, then use SuperCheat™ with water. It will keep the metabolism going while no absorption of kilojoules.

8. Another way to speed up the metabolism is to do any exercise 20 minutes after a meal. This is the time that the metabolism is on its highest and doing exercise then will burn off more kilojoules.

9. SuperCheat™ is more effective when used with warm water.

10. Do not use Carbo-ban™ and SuperCheat™ within the same hour. Using both products daily will enhance rapid weight loss.

11. Do not weigh every day – only weigh yourself when you get started and measure only for the next four weeks. Take measurements on a regular basis to ensure you are getting smaller. Losing weight is about getting smaller and not weighing. Many changes happen in the body – building more muscle and losing fat. Muscle tissue is heavier than fat. You can be a skinny 70kg or a fat 70kg.

12. Should you need any additional information, please contact us Carbo-ban™ or SuperCheat™ or use any of the contact information on the website.

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